They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. They say that marrying your best friend is the best way to start a marriage. Somewhere, I’m sure ‘they’ would also say that if a groom can get a room full of 275 people to do a Jägerbomb his marriage is going to be just fine.

It rained. No, it poured. It wasn’t just a drizzle, and it definitely didn’t let up for a good long while….well actually as soon as the official Mr & Mrs announcement was made the sun decided to shine. So, maybe it wasn’t the most beautiful of days if we’re talking about the weather. But when Bryce and Kayla look back on their wedding day, their memories won’t be of the torrential downpour or soaking wet guests and decorations (well maybe a little), they will be of how many people came to support them even if it meant that they might get completely drenched.

Congrats Bryce and Kayla, you guys sure know how to throw a party.


  1. jodi says:

    whhhhhat???? were you in vegas!!??


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