She came walking out and took his breath away. She whispered her vows to him and he held her close with his eyes. She laughed at a picture from her past and he looked at her while she did so. These are the the in-between’s. They are the moments that not everyone notices. Not everyone remembers. They are the forgotten memories that we hope that we can show a bride and groom when they look through their portfolio. Mike & Allie, while we were busy looking through our lens at you on your big day, you were busy looking at each other. We caught many glances, tender moments and emotions and we hope and pray that this day is etched into your memories and that these pictures only serve as reflections of how much you love each other.

A little Ukranian dancing prep, pre-ceremony.

The Millen Rose Garden: Breathtaking.

  1. Dan says:

    those group shots are sweet. nice pics all around

  2. Sam says:

    I think this is your best wedding ever. I am in love with every shot. Wow!

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