Ok, so this has been a long time coming. This new look. I have to give our web developer, Steve some props. I called him up, told him my issue and a few hours later we (I use the term ‘we’ loosely, as in, I sat there and told him what I wanted and he went to work) were writing up some new code for the upgrades to the blog.I am forever indebted to this guy. He is the best and we recommend him hands down. Just in case you were wondering.

Now let’s get down to business.

We had been eagerly awaiting this wedding for some time. Ever since we met them at their engagement shoot, to be precise. It was obvious how excited they were to become an official ‘Mr & Mrs’. And, they did not disappoint. Guests arrived to a beautifully decorated waterfront home. And were greeted by the happy couple in print, with words of wisdom from loved ones, carefully placed for all to see. The guest tables were named after countries that the guests themselves had visited. Everything was incredibly thoughtful and personal. Courtney looked absolutely stunning, as you can see by the curl in Jeff’s lip when he sees her for the first time as she turns the corner to walk down the aisle (and you might be able to tell from the look on dad’s face as he sees his little girl for the first time, all gussied up and ready to get married).

What a fabulous wedding to celebrate an even more fabulous couple.



Best dad reaction award goes to……

I absolutely love the reaction of all these single men…apparently single and loving it.



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