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Joy in the wait….

These last three weeks have been particularly hard. I had convinced myself that this was our time, it was our turn….that there was a baby waiting for us on the other side of the Atlantic. I even looked up flights in anticipation of getting THE call. You know, most of our friends know that we carry our phones around just willing them to ring. Hoping that today is the day that our lives will change. It’s not that we’re being rude or feeling completely attached to our phones…maybe it’s that it gives us a sense of control in an otherwise tumultuous process.

I got a little teary a few days ago. The weight of our wait felt like too much. It was all just too raw and I let go. I hadn’t been sleeping much in the past little bit, so I assume that some of the tears could be contributed to that but I couldn’t keep the tears from falling. Our kids were all around and being the compassionate souls they are wanted to know why I was sad. Dad told them it was because mommy just wanted to meet our new baby. Our oldest replied with, “ya…us too. It’s been a long wait.”. Yes, little buddy, it has. You see, sometimes I can be so absorbed with how hard this is for Nik and I that I forget that there are 4 little people also longing to meet their newest little brother or sister. They pray for him or her daily. They ask for their safety and that we would be united soon. This makes me long for this little one even more. I want this baby to know just how much he or she is wanted and cared for already. There is so much love here.

So why do I share all of this? I didn’t mean to get so vulnerable and share so much but there is joy. So much joy in the wait. When I hear the kids talk about what her name will be (they all think it’s a girl), when they pray for that baby, when they talk about what he or she is doing….there’s joy. When I think about this wait as being a distant memory, there is joy. There is joy in hardship…..and waiting isn’t so much a hardship as it is a test of patience. And when have you ever experienced a test of your character to come up void?
Developing character is hard work and always worth it.

Joy, friends.

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So it’s Sunday night and I realized that I didn’t update on Thursday as promised….but y’all can forgive me right? ha! It’s tough to get back in the swing of blogging when it’s been a little *ahem* non-existent as of late. Anyways….I thought I’d share an FAQ post about our adoption so here it gooooes:

Q:Where are you adopting from
A: South Africa!

Q:When did you start the process
A: I first called an adoption agency in 2008 after we had our third baby and learned a little bit about adoption in Canada. We then reached out to some friends who were also adopting and heard a bit about their stories and got some advice. We took our first training course in January 2009 and our dossier (aka: a boat load of paperwork) hit the South African shore line in January 2014. So our dossier took us 5 years and one more baby girl to complete.

Q: Weren’t you adopting from Kenya?
A: Yes! We were…. However, after being in the program we were encouraged to move over to the South AFrican program as Kenya became an unstable country due to social issues that they are still fighting today. Adoptions have completely slowed in the country and we are burdened daily for this beautiful place and still follow some blogs of a few baby homes….

Q: Are you getting a boy or a girl?
A: We haven’t specified and will be just as surprised as all of you when we find out! We are so excited and a few kids have voiced some opinions…one specific girl has made it known to us that she KNOWS what we are having. haha. It’s funny.

Q:How old will your baby be?
A: Our dossier has specified for a child under 2…children from South Africa are generally between 12 months and 24 months old at the time of referral.

Q: What’s a referral?
A: When you are matched with a child a referral can be given once the countries both consent to the adoption. We will get a phone call from our agency….a much anticipated phone call. If you’ve been with me at all over the past year, you may have noticed I glance at my phone…willing it to ring. Praying it will ring. And it will. I know it will.

Q: What will you do when you get your referral!?
A: Faint.

Q:What did you mean by, “We feel we are close.” in your last post?
A: I mean just that. I have no basis for my feeling….but when I lay my head down at night and dream of that sweet face it feels so real and so close that I can almost smell the salty South African air. And in case you’re wondering, in my dreams those big eyes are just beautiful <3

These are just some of the questions we receive when we tell people we’re adopting or sometimes we get emails with questions. We love it! Feel free to ask any other questions for a future FAQ post either in the comment section below or by contacting us through our contact page!
As always, Thanks for being here and keeping up with this topsy turvy journey. We love you all!

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