We are often asked two questions when people hear that we are adopting.
First is always, “why?” and the second is usually, “Aren’t you busy enough already?”.
I love the first question because it gives me an opportunity to chat about how adoption has touched my life and also it reminds me to hold fast during this {very long} wait.
In answering the why, I have to remember my (Dana’s) family. My mom’s side in particular. With her permission, I want to share a bit of how my Mom came to be my Mom. She was born in 1960 during a time much different from now, but yet, a little bit the same. It was the longing for a child by two people very much in love that prompted a trip to an adoption agency where they were met with the choice to adopt my mom. I know from experience after looking into my own childrens’ baby eyes (some of which look very much like their grandmother’s), once you look into the eyes of the one who was meant for you, there’s no going back. So, the rest is history (and a lot of paperwork). My Mom was the first of four adopted children to my amazing grandparents who were Dutch immigrants. They spent some time in central Canada before eventually moving and settling on Vancouver Island where my Mom met my Dad and raised my brother and I.

Looking at the relationship that my mom has with her parents is one of the biggest and best inspirations for adopting in my mind. When this seems too hard. The wait. The thought of attachment and all the issues that come alongside of that. I look at my mom and her brothers and sister and how much they love and are loved by those two beautiful souls and I know how incredible adoption can be.

Another reason that we are adopting (and this always answers question # 2 as well) is that we truly, truly enjoy our kids! We love being with them, teaching them, learning from them, and so many other things. I remember looking at our daughter, the fourth-born, and thinking there are kids out there who don’t experience the love of a mother or a father. That’s when it truly hit me. I wasn’t ok with that. God has been a huge part of placing a number of instances on our hearts but this was His final affirmation for me. I knew that holding her would not be the last time I held a little Fiorito in my arms. And so, we wait….and anticipate how beautiful that baby skin is going to feel in these arms. Our time will come…


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