I still remember the day that my friend (she’s a good enough friend for her to play a large part in our daughter’s name *wink*) told us that she was expecting her third….and fourth babies. We were all shocked as she handed me her ultra sound photo. I don’t think either of us believed it at the time. But as her belly grew, and grew, and grew and two heartbeats were heard and dates for their arrival were talked about and appointments were made, things became more real. The day that the twinnies arrived was full of excitement as we ate breakfast with family, knowing that our Amy was delivering her (our, haha) two sweet babies. What a shock to us all that they weren’t identical (an early ultrasound had a doctor believing that they were and the parents-to-be opted not to find out the sex). Having two girls at home meant that maybe boys could be next….and out came their son. “No need to check on the sex of the second baby”, thought daddy-o…”it’s two boys!” But when a nurse, who had a twinkle in her eye, prodded for him to take a closer look (she knew all along that their was one of each and that the mama and papa thought that they were having either boys or girls), a very perplexed daddy yelled out, “A GIRL!!??”. And aren’t we glad! These two have brought so much joy to our family and lives and we love them both dearly.

  1. Julie says:

    Oh goodness meeeee! Have I mentioned before how much I love these two? Beautiful pictures Dana!

  2. amy says:

    I love these and how you captured their smiles and cries and mischievous grins…you are so talented. I can never decide which ones are my favourite because I love them all! Thank you my dear friend!


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