Erin & Steve wanted us at their wedding until the end of the night: they were ready for a party. When Erin first told me that her wedding colours were to be grey and yellow I knew we’d be fast friends. My whole house is grey and yellow and I swoooooon at pictures on pinterest of the divine combo.  She also opted to DIY the decor and her eye for  detail and just all around good taste resulted in a beautiful wedding out at Chippewa Park. From Ceremony to Reception there wasn’t a detail missed. Their personal vows had Erin making a promise to her “Polish Peroghi” to never again use the dryer as an iron and don’t even get me started on how stocked the candy table was. The dance floor was still going strong at midnight and I think it’s safe to say that Erin and Steve got the party that they wished for. I’ve picked a few photos to show you for those of you that don’t have time right now to sit down and watch a slideshow, but please, when you get a second, make sure you watch it at the end of this post, it starts automatically so by the time you get down there it might already be playing. Just use the controls that show up when you hover over it with your mouse! There are some amazing details that might stir up your creativity and also some moments that might make you laugh or even cry….

Flowers: The Flower Shed

Venue: Chippewa Park

Salon: Karma Salon


















  1. Krystal says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photo’s!!! I will forever regret not having you as my wedding photog 🙁


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