McKinnley’s Birth


She sat eagerly awaiting her baby. Patiently enduring every squeeze, knowing that each pain meant a step closer to meeting her little girl. Mckinnley’s daddy couldn’t make it to the delivery so I was asked to capture some of those first moments. The support of her sister. The concentration. The first glimpse of mama seeing her baby as she entered the world. And the tears that fell. Click on the link below to be taken to Mckinnley’s slideshow.


Mckinnley’s Birth



  1. meghan says:

    omgoodness! this is such a beautiful way to record your baby’s birth!! I wish you did this 11 years ago…. I had both birth days recorded on video but i think this is a better way …such a beautiful job Dana…. and the girl looks familiar… thunder bay 2 degrees of separation …!!


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