When I go to a wedding I generally like to mingle. I like to get to know the couple through the eyes of their guests. Sometimes I take a step back and just watch them interact with each other and sometimes I listen in on conversations that two people are having about the bride and the groom. I feel like this helps me to tell their love story, through this medium, on a more intimate level.  Maybe this is why I often leave at the end of the night feeling like a close friend of the couple.

As I was walking around during the cocktail hour listening in on fond memories there was an overwhelming general consensus that the bride and groom were two genuine people who were very much in love. I was also told countless times how great both the bride and groom were as individuals as well. The brides’ family would tear up as they would talk about her and sitting around a table full of the grooms’ close relatives was an honour as I heard them rave about the man of the day.

These two are madly in love with each other and it was my pleasure to be able to spend a whole day with them.

  1. Donna Beck says:

    Oh this is so beautiful! Love your work! 😉


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