He held her hand and she lovingly looked at his face. The love between these two was so evident on Sept 4, 2010 – the day that they became Mr. & Mrs.  I’ve had to hold back on the number of snaps that I include in this post because there are literally 500 more that I would love to show you. Not because I’m proud of the composition or execution of the shot, but because this wedding was what every photographer dreams of capturing, two people very much in love with each other. That’s all that I, as a photographer can ask for. Cheers to the both of you and to your beautiful new life together.

  1. Sam + Alvi says:

    Dana I love love love the shot of her peeking out from behind his shoulder. Brilliant. WISH WE COULD GET MARRIED AGAIN!!!

  2. Katy and Aaron Johnson says:

    Everytime we look at our beautiful wedding photos it immediately takes us back to our most special moment together. We could not have asked for better photos or a better photographer to capture us in such a beautiful way. We knew immediately when we first met with you Dana, that Fiorito Foto {admin edit: Fiorito Foto is ilo photo’s old name, if you were confused!} would be a good fit for our wedding photos, but looking back, it was truly an amazing fit. We are so greatful for all the memories that we have photographed and we never get tired of looking at them. Your work is stunning. Thank you so very much for making our wedding day so much more. XOXOX Katy & Aaron


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