Things get especially interesting when you have the opportunity to shoot the wedding of a family member. Although every wedding is of utmost importance to us, something changes a bit when you’re responsible for documenting a family member’s nuptials while your aunts, uncles, cousins (and Mom!) watch over your shoulder. That being said, cousin Lindsay’s wedding was such a great day to be a part of. All of it. From the getting readies, to the ceremony, formals, and reception; it was all good. Lindsay (where’d my little cousin Lulu go?!) was stunning, Colin got his GQ on, and fam and friends partied to the wee hours under an absolutely perfect late-August night at FWCC. The only downside to this occasion is that the newlyweds have already split the joint and are back setting up a house and home in Alberta. All our love and best wishes as you get to know each other as husband and wife, L&C, and thanks for trusting us with the privilege of being your photogs!

{Insert record scratch sound here, because it’s my turn} Yes, Lindsay is our cousin. I don’t consider her an ‘in-law’, she’s the real deal. I remember when I met Lindsay and Nik and I were just newly ‘in love’. She came to visit Nik and her brother Jonny at school. We decided to take her to the little swimming pool and while we were getting changed I made an attempt at developing a really deep relationship with this sweet gal. So, I asked her if she was seeing anyone. She didn’t really say anything and now I think she was contemplating whether or not to trust me with such precious information. But, she did, and she told me that she was sort of interested in this guy named Colin. Well, 7 (or is it 8?) years later and here they are two weeks into their marriage. We love you both and loved getting to get right in there with you guys on your wedding day. And, seriously Colin, I hope you still write Lindsay love letters like the “ummmmm, yeah, wanna date me?” type that preceded your relationship.


  1. Rachel Duclos says:

    What stunning photos, Nik and Dana!! It was a beautiful day, and you captured it perfectly. You truly are a talented pair!!
    Rachel Duclos

  2. Leona says:

    I go back and look at these pics often and remember the special day it was. You did a great job of capturing it!


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