Dana and Steve. Married. After 11 years together they finally managed to tie the knot in front of close friends and a supportive family. I was truly taken aback at how lovely weddings can be when you can just see the love between the bride and groom. Not only were they obviously in love with each other but it was immediately apparent that they had a deep love for the family that surrounded them on their big day.

This was one of the most challenging weddings we’ve shot due to the venue and I am most certainly happy that I went to the rehearsal to check stuff out. I came home and Nik and I started collaborating on how to get around the pole that was situated 2 feet from the couple in the 6 foot by 20 foot room (the 6 feet were from bride and groom to the back). If that didn’t make any sens and you’re all, “wha??” don’t worry about it. It was fun. We ended up having a fantastic day with these two. Thank you Dana and Steve, it truly was an honour.

Here’s one that’s a little photoshopped….vintage like

How gorgeous were these decorations?

The groom and his mama’s first dance while watching a special tribute to Steve.

Watching their slide show

And of course some details:

And introducing to Thunder Bay….A PHOTO BOOTH! Why not have fun while having fun!

  1. Deb says:

    gorgeous pics! i love how fun they are!

  2. Amanda O'Brennan says:

    Great pictures you guys! Extra love the bridal party shot and the Bride/Groom dancing at the reception.
    Can you give me the details on how you got such PERFECT lighting for that one?? Truly stunning.

  3. Jen Fabiano says:

    Congratulations Dana (& Steve!) – you looked absolutely beautiful! I hope the day was everything you imagined and more!


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