Walking into Kaitlyn’s getting-ready suite, I was nervous. I’m always a little bit nervous on a wedding day. “Will everything go the way the couple is hoping? What will the sun be doing? Will the ceremony go without a hitch? Will it be pitch black at the reception? Do I have my extra batteries, flashes, lenses, camera cards etc. etc. etc. Will the wedding party be easygoing and up for anything?” These, and a million other questions consume me as I drive to a venue. This was our first wedding of the season so I was definitely hitting my mental checklist hard. And, for the record, I think a healthy dose of nerves isn’t a bad thing in this business. I don’t get nervous because I don’t know what I’m doing, I let myself feel a bit of nerves to keep me on my toes and thinking quickly….I don’t want to get cocky because arrogance is never good when you have such an important job đŸ˜‰
The sky was dark and foreboding, so naturally my mind was thinking about what we were going to do if it rained. I use the word ‘if’ because I am generally optimistic about the weather, but this word wasn’t appropriate for a day like this: ‘when’ was the proper preposition to use here. My thoughts immediately turned to how Kaitlyn was holding up. I’ve done enough weddings to know that weather can stress a bride out. But when I saw her,  she was so calm and excited that her day was here! So, I set to work and before I knew it, we were all laughing and having a good time. I even got carried away and forgot I was working this wedding and ended up including myself in a photo as an honorary bridesmaid. Cuz, that’s the embarrassing kind of thing that I do!
All in all, this day was nothing short of perfect. The rain, the wind, the black sky-none of it could make Kaitlyn and Steven’s day turn sour. They were too in love, the group was too much fun, the guests were amazing and the day happened as it should have. Yay for rain because it makes us creatives think outside the box and it has the ability to remind everyone at the wedding that first and foremost the bridal party and guests are there to celebrate two people uniting in marriage…and that’s going to happen no matter what!






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