Simon and Natalie :

Our deepest appreciation to you both for bringing us out to such a beautiful part of our country. I (Dana) have been to Southern Ontario only one other time (a lovely wedding in beautiful Peterborough you  may recall, internet). I have found that I’m developing a bit of a love affair with the deep South (of Canada). There are so many stories to tell; so much history. AND speaking of history….these two….made history, by becoming husband and wife! It’s profound, isn’t it? It’s a happy day, an expensive day, a sometimes stressful day, but in the end you’re making history. Enmeshing two lives into one. Yep, enmeshing. We always say that we feel like we are one of the gang at a wedding and it wasn’t any different at this particular one either. Except, we weren’t just friends, we were treated like family for most of the day. We were let in on the most intimate moments between mother and daughter, mother and son….oh how we don’t take this lightly.

 I have to say that this was a great way to end 2012. That’s right. No more weddings this year for us. We took the month of December off to spend time with our family. Of course you will still see us around on our corner of the world wide web but this will be the last wedding of the year we post! Yip Yip to a great 2012!!!


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