Kathryn and Martin. We met, she liked us, they booked us and we set up an engagement shoot. She warned me about Martin…..that he might be….”difficult”.  I can work with difficult. In fact, I took it as a provocation and was really looking forward to this ‘challenging’ session. You see, “Martin doesn’t do photos” said she, “so, I’m sorry in advance”. “Hahaha” was my thought, “I’ll show her”!

Much to my disappointment, Martin was a natural and LURVED getting his picture taken….I mean LURRRRRRVED. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating BUT it proves a point that an engagement session can really break the ice between someone who might not be used to being behind a camera lens and their photographer. Because when that big day comes, you want to be completely at ease. And, I can safely say, that Martin seemed totally ‘in it’ for the photo portion of our day. What a treat….even though I didn’t get the challenge I had hoped for….geez.

Here’s to Kathryn and Martin, for utilizing NorthWestern Ontario’s finest as the backdrop for your wedding at Stepstone and for having us there to make these memories tangible for you, so that you can always remember the great fun you and Martin had on your wedding day….even during picture hour(s).

  1. Tracy Clark says:

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple … congratulations Martin and Kathyrn

  2. Jocelyn Froese says:

    Just gorgeous! Congratulations to two amazing people. The day was perfect. So happy to share in it with you. xo


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