Do you want to know what I noticed about Mike and Chelsea the first time that I met them? I learned that Chelsea scrunches her nose and darts her eyes to the ground when Mike makes a joke. I learned that Mike still can’t take his eyes off of Chelsea and couldn’t help but put his arm around her. I learned that these two have been in love since flipping their first burger together at A&W in high school. I learned that they are fiercely loyal to their friends and even though Mike’s best man was an up and coming photographer they still hired us because he told them to. I enjoyed getting to know these two and Nik enjoyed shooting their wedding. I loved laughing with them as I edited them and even tearing up a bit in some parts. I felt like I was there and loved every minute of getting to know them, a little bit more, through their photos. I hope you enjoy the slideshow of a few of my favourites from their wedding day.




  1. angel pope says:

    Great photos! What a beautiful couple and it looks like a great time was had by all. LOVE the dog!!!

  2. Mike Pianka says:

    Beautiful photos! You guys knocked it out of the park! I had a blast that day and Nik, sorry for talking your ear off 😉


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