This session was extra special to me. This family has been blessed through the adoption of two very handsome (not so) little boys and years later found out that mama was 5 months pregnant! I couldn’t wait to meet and snuggle such a special baby boy and meet the two older brothers who would protect him. For those of you that know us, you’ll know that adoption has a very special place in our hearts and this family’s store resonated with us. I fell instantly in love with all of them and am reminded, once again, of not only how their are wonderful people in this world but that we continually get the chance to be a part of their lives.





  1. dee says:

    Oh my……what beautiful photos of a beautiful baby and handsome big brothers!

  2. Alex says:

    Wow, these photos are sooooo beautiful, I’m in love <3

  3. Jenn cook says:

    Oooo i love the pics of little man, what a adorible nephew i have…. And the pic of the boys the what good looking nephews i have 🙂


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