It wouldn’t be Northwestern Ontario without outdoor rinks on every corner. I didn’t even know these existed until after I moved here. Growing up in a small Vancouver Island town didn’t afford me the pleasure of experiencing winter activities in the great outdoors. We had to invent things like ‘ice blocking’ (you must know what I mean) and resort to rollerblading if we wanted to play ‘hockey’ outside in the ‘cold’ winter months. It makes me laugh now when I remember how I used to complain about the bitter cold….even though I’d wear my flip flops year round. So it’s a real treat for this skating-loving gal to get to go to an outdoor rink and skate my heart out for FREE! Thank you City of TBay.

The other night Nik got an itch to try some new stuff out and so he enlisted the help of local models Dan & Ryan (you can find them on fbook). Check it out, I’m pretty sure these are some of my favourites to date.

  1. Dan says:

    What beauties.


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