What’s that? It’s been a while, you say? Why, yes, yes it has.

I can’t say that I haven’t been enjoying myself immensely in the last 9 days, but the weeks leading up to them made me want to do nothing more than hibernate. So, hibernate, I did. I was due October 21st and as a little treat to ourselves, we decided to go on a date. It started out with a photoshoot, then it was out for a movie and I think ended over coffee. It was wonderful. But, as wonderful as it was, it was still pretty apparent that this baby was going to take its sweet time making it’s debut into the world.

I’ll share the photos from that night with you here and if you’re patient, I might, just might give you a sneak peak of our latest creation….look on friends!

And, introducing for the first time on the Fiorito Foto blog, our beautiful Amelia Carolynn, born October 29th!

  1. Sam says:

    Stunning session. Wish I had done something like this! And Milly is such a sweetheart. You already know how I feel about that! Congrats on everything, guys!


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