It’s been said* that to have a good story you need to take risks. We feel like that’s one of the things we document for our clients. Their stories. Each one comes with risks; taking that first step and asking your crush out, finally leaning in for the first kiss and eventually getting down on one knee. Life can feel risky but what would your story be without those risks? So, the next time you’ve found yourself dancing with the one you’ve been swooning over for the last 4 months and haven’t had the courage to convey your interest….do it. Lean in.  And maybe, you can call us up in a few years to take some snaps of your story.
Here’s a couple whose story has led them to a beautiful son and a great life…




*When we said “It’s been said…” we were pretty directly referring to a book we both finished reading by a pretty inspiring author, Don Miller (find him here. ). In his book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, he writes about the need for us to take risks and not settle for mediocrity, especially when we know that we can do better. We feel like we’ve been taking some risks lately, with photography, decisions, life. It feels like Mr. Miller may have been on to something.
Most of us aren’t able to look back and “edit” our lives, like Don does in the book; we get one time around…make it count.

  1. Amanda O'Brennan says:

    Love all these images guys. Might be my fave yet! 😉
    beautiful job.

  2. Don Miller says:

    I feel I wrote a book about this……


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