This post will conclude my, “I went to LA to go to a Jasmine Star workshop, and had fun in the sun while capturing images of the most beautiful models” ranting. I talked about it yesterday, and all I have to say today is that I’m so thankful to anyone who has hired us. You have made our dreams come true and every day they seem to get bigger and you all have been there to encourage and hire us some more. These opportunities wouldn’t have been available to us without clients who believed in our work and who we are as photographers and people.

To all the wonderful photographers that I met last week who I now consider friends: you all are contributing to us and our brand as well. Thank you and all the best to you and your thriving businesses.

Also please note the slideshow that I *finally* figured out how to do at the bottom of this post.












  1. Melinda says:

    FANTASTIC shots! Love the colors. Can’t wait to see where Fiorito Foto is going in the future! xoxo

  2. Jasmine* says:

    LOVE IT! 🙂

  3. Jeanne says:

    Oh Dana these we wonderful. How you have grown in a year. Loved the shot of the male model being caugh mid jump in the air and the way you captured the brides twinkle in her eye. Fantastic!!!!

  4. Tracy Moore says:

    Great pics! You are awesome girl! Wish we could have hung out more!! 🙁


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