They met years ago and soon afterward became boy(friend) and girl(friend)….and when they met again on May 1st, 2010, they became husband and wife.

Every wedding that I get the honour of being a part of makes me think of the magnitude of this commitment. These vows that a groom whispers to his bride as she becomes his wife…it lasts just a moment. This day is so short when considering the number of days in a lifetime, but it’s so huge in the part that it plays in one’s life. I share this because when I think back to our wedding day and can only seem to remember little snippits, all I need to do is look at my snap shots and a flood of memories come rushing back. I hope that this is what we can do for each one of our couples. That when they receive their proofs, they can truly relive each memory, emotion, feeling and thought and even get some bits of the day that they didn’t even know happened. When we capture a laugh between a couple standing in front of their beloved guests, I want them to look at that photo and remember the moment that they shared, just the two of them.

These moments that I’m about to show you are special to me: each one of them. This couple became special to me. This day was special to me. And the moment that they vowed their lives together was special, to me, to them and to their loved ones.

*disclaimer* Yes, I realize their are a million pictures here, which will cause me much grief at the supper table tonight because Nik thinks that I’m not choosy enough. I will concur, but can you blame me? How can I choose…their are literally hundreds more that I wish I could show you.

*second disclaimer* This gal got in a car accident just a few short weeks before the wedding day and broke her collar bone, you will see her prettied up sling in some photos but she did not complain even once during the day…truly a great girl.

  1. shutterboo says:

    Love the silhouette at the end. And power to ya – I shot a wedding with 2 other friends this weekend and I died.

  2. Jasmine* says:

    Love all the expressions in the photos…too sweet! 🙂


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