Ok, so I said that Fiorito Foto has been busy, and then there were no posts. But I assure you, over the next few days we’ll be littering this blog with new pictures of some very exciting things including this years’ Evening of Class. This is an event put on by a *former* local (she’ll hate me for putting former) chef and a brilliant classical guitarist. This is the second annual evening and boy, was it a blast. Jenn has just graduated at the top of her class from Sault St. Marie, forgive me because I don’t know titles, and Simon has his Bachelor’s in Music from Lakehead and is halfway through his Masters in Classical Guitar in Ottawa. Both use this evening to showcase their very apparent talent and gifts. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Thanks to Talita Jolene (www.talitajolene.com) one of Thunder Bay’s finest event florists, the Hall was dressed to the nines.

And, of course the evening boasts of delicious food made by the one and only Jennifer Woodbeck. Delicious appetizers, entrees and new for this year, a pastry chef flown in from Toronto.

There were a few sponsors for this event, www.mychildsmasterpiece.blogspot.com being one of them. Honestly, this is the best thing to hit parental consumers in the longest time. It is such a young, fresh, AMAZING idea executed perfectly by the beautiful and talented Ellie.

A special guest perfomance by classical pianist, Michael Blaskin.

And of course, the magnificent Simon Baxter.

and a random guest who clearly seems to be enjoying himself….

Does this look like a divine evening full of culinary treats and musical delights? Well, it is. And you can come too! The date hasn’t been set for next years event but keep checking in and one day soon, we’ll be posting the details, I’m sure!


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