Now that we’re back in full swing, things are getting pretty exciting for us. Wedding ‘season’ is just around the corner, it’s peeking at us and we are eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. We’ve been busy busy, meeting with clients, doing family sessions, and even getting to do a few *rockin* new things. That’s for another day, another post. I’m hearing the faint cries of a baby who’s just awoken, meaning, I mustn’t linger around here too long. So, I’ll just leave you with a baby whose eyes and smile I’ve fallen in love with and also who my baby (who just so happens to be a wee bit older) has also taken a liking to…he’s gotten to see a lot of her face as of late while I edit. So, here she (along with her ma, pa, and two sets of g-parents) IS!!!

  1. Amanda O'Brennan says:

    The Chair the Chair!!! I am in LOVE! Is it yours??
    It is AWESOME! The baby, family, photo’s are all beautiful as well. 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Love the ones in the chair! That’s a great chair!

  3. Lesley Ewoniak says:

    love the pictures!!! I still have to get Taylor’s done. Hope the birthday party was good and that Sam ate a lot of cake. I know Taylor just ate off the icing!

  4. kelly mcnabb says:

    Everyone looks awesome! Sam is so sweet. Mommy and Daddy look very happy.

    Miss you all.

  5. Nancy and Gerry Ross says:

    What wonderful photos..they are so natural! Looks like Sam had a great 1st birthday..where did the year go?
    Love to you all!!
    Nancy and Gerry

  6. Tara, Jeff, Amber & Hudson says:

    OMG! Too cute!
    These are such great photos. I love everything about them. You are all so happy and look great. Applause to the photographer-great angles.
    These will be so wonderful to look back at!
    Talk to you soon.

  7. Caleigh Ross says:

    those are the most adorable pictures EVER!!!! Two thumbs up to your photographer!! my faves are the peek a boo with grandma and grandpa and the one of the two of u about to kiss with sammy in the middle!!


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