I equate buying a dress at Lux Boutique to trying to buy a house in Mariday Park. You can’t go home to think about it or it’ll be gone. You buy it on the spot because your gut just tells you to.

The gals who opened this store over a year ago are fierce when it comes to knowing the what what on current fashion. The boutique is a real treat for the lady who loves to have her own personal shopper. I love love love this store to bits and have been rocking a few Lux dresses recently.

We had the honor and privilege of taking a few snaps for a few banners and a look book these ladies wanted for their shop. Thanks to Lakehead Models as well!

  1. Melinda says:

    Gorgeous shots!! Love those dresses!!

  2. Amanda O'Brennan says:

    Super fantastic you guys! Love the shots and the dresses. Good job on the night lighting!

  3. Sam says:

    DAna + Nik; killer shots. Ok now I’m going to HAVE to go there! Dresses and models are gorgeous. Love the off-camera flash. Sam


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