This little story begins months and months ago. I stumbled across a website of a photographer here in town. I proceeded to look through some galleries (ooing and ahhing all the while), and eventually hit up the ‘about’ section. I remember being struck by their passion and philosophy. I knew that if we ended up having the pleasure of meeting, that we’d all hit it off. That, and the fact that Alvi described himself as a man who could be found crawling around on the ground or climbing a tree to get that perfect shot, and if you know us or have ever had a photo shoot with either of us, you’ll know that one of our favorite sayings is, “anything for a great shot!”. In fact, I think I was standing on a little 2 inch wide lamp post the other day and almost tumbled upon my subjects in the grass, and then their was the time that I seriously had to defy my (tremendous) fear of heights in a (tremendously) tight and windy staircase (tallest tower in the downtown core(can I hear it for PORT ARTHUR!))….all in the name of that perfect shot.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. I was standing at our booth at the wedding show a few short weeks ago when Sam from Bliss Pictures came over to say hello. She introduced herself and  I was immediately hooked to her kind personality and punchy hair. I knew immediately that great things could be accomplished if we put our minds together, so I started formulating a plan. Well, actually my plan wasn’t really a plan at all and just included me emailing them to set up a photo shoot of our family. You know, with Christmas coming up and all, I wanted to have a new family photog for our wall, christmas cards and maybe a gift or two. However, getting said photograph while using a remote is quite near impossible with a 1, 2 and 3 year old…did I mention they’re all boys?

Sam was great! She quickly emailed back with an even better idea….a swap! So if you head over to Bliss’s blog you can see our family looking *marvelous* behind their camera, but if you stay here and scroll down you will see their family looking ever so scrumptious behind our very own lens. This was a great day, one that will not soon be forgotten. I’m certain that my heart melted every time I looked into little baby girls beautiful blue eyes.  I had a VERY hard time picking just a few pictures for this entry, so there are quite a few to look at…believe me, I have about a hundred (no, literally!) more that I want to show you….please, please, please come over to our place to take a look sometime!


  1. Melinda says:

    Gorgeous family. The one where he is grabbing her butt is so cute <3 and those beautiful blue eyes…sigh

    Great job!!

  2. Katarina says:

    WOW, those are absolutely stunning….I’m a little jealous of your talent 🙂 Beautiful job!!

  3. Sam + Alvi says:

    Wow; Dana; we are so speechless. Thank you for capturing the flavour, drama and mischief of our little girls and the sparkle that still exists in our marriage. I am completely struck and moved. To sum: YOU ROCK.

  4. Emma says:

    Wow Dana, I just wanted to say that you have captured Sam’s and Alvi’s beautiful family perfectly! Sam and Alvi have been dear and true friends of mine for many years now, and you did a lovely job of showcasing their rare and true love!


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