Many (maybe most?) wedding photographers offer digital files of images to their clients for posting on facebook or having prints made at a later date. This idea seems an obvious and welcome one, but sometimes those important pictures sit on a disc or hard drive for years on end, hoping to one day be hung in a hallway or displayed in an album, but often remaining as 1’s and 0’s packed tightly together like last pregnancy’s maternity clothing in a vacuum bag (no? That simile doesn’t do it for you? ah well, we tried).

OK, maybe having pictures kept digitally isn’t really THAT dramatic, but it is nice to be able to hold a print or album in your hand and pass it to a friend without first having to tag them in it.

We had this album arrive just the other day for a client from our album company, and really couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was – the build of the album that is! (Although we kinda like the pictures in it to). Before passing it along, we took some snaps of it to share with you…

this book is big! it's a 16"x12" spread, meaning fully open like this it's over 32" wide!

very nice sharp corners and photo-cover wrapping

the lay-flat pages allow us to design the layout without worrying about a middle "gutter" where things can get lost, like keys and cell phones...

the next few images are of the display box this couple decided to add-on for proctection and storage. it's a piece of art in itself!

an embossed ilo logo for good measure

Moral of the story (did this story need a moral?) is that just like old clothing in a plastic bag needs to breathe once in a while, so do your digital pictures; let them loose!

  1. Kristi-Lynn says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that the photo album you put together for my brother and his wife is absolutely AMAZING!! <– this may be an understatement! Fabulous Work!

    If anyone is considering getting a photo album… You (and many others) will be simply blown away on how great your special day is captured in this work of art!


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