Don’t over look the adorable family just below this post but I couldn’t RESIST putting a few of these ones up. We sure were blessed with AMAZING weather just as we needed it between the ceremony and reception at this lovely couples’ wedding!  We had about 20 minutes to shoot and the sun decided to peek out atop the Norwesters at the PRECISE moment that we needed it to. The lighting was wonderful, the bride beautiful, the groom…happy. It was a great day.carly 6

carly 9

carly 8

carly 2

Carly 1

carly 3

And this last one….sorry Carly, but it was funny.

carly 5

  1. Katherine says:

    great pics, of the new family and the continuing family…the kids look rad! thanks for the post(s), they’re keeping me connected!

  2. Melinda says:

    Love the pics! Especially the third one. Great job!


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